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Affordable stay in Speyer – Our price transparency for you

Accommodation rates at Hotel Am Wartturm vary and depend on the holiday period, the type of room, the duration of stay and the booking date. In general we guarantee: The earlier you book, the more favorable the room rate. The longer you stay, the more favorable the room rate. Please also check our specials. The rate and availability of rooms for your preferred travel time can be found here. We will be glad to help you assist via phone: +49 (0) 6232 6433-0

  • The earlier you book, the cheaper the room rate.

    On many weekends and during holidays you will find attractive special rates. Early birds get up to 15% off of the normal price. It can be booked up to 21 days before arrival with a credit card. Please check hier, if an ‘early bird rate’ is available during the time of your travel.

  • The “book smart” fare

    This saver fare guarantees 5% off and is available for a limited number of rooms until 48 hours before arrival. Must be paid directly with credit card.

  • Book directly online!

    We are happy if you book online on our website. You have the biggest selection of rooms and rates, and we will save a lot of time, because your booking will go straight into our hotel software. Your confirmation is sent automatically and the room will be booked for you. Here you will save time and receive the best offers.

  • Booking conditions

    Cancelation or rebooking of our flexible normal rates:

    If you select a flexible normal rate, the room can usually be canceled up until 1 day prior of arrival (at weekends 2 days prior arrival), free of charge. If you cancel later, we will ask for a no-show fee of 90% of the original booking rate. The exact conditions will be discussed in detail in the offer and booking confirmation.

  • Cancelation or Rebooking of our discount and special rates

    At almost all times, you will have the choice between a flexible normal rate and a saver/special rate. These special rates must be paid directly during the booking with a valid credit card and mostly cannot be canceled or rebooked free of charge.

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